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Case Study - Asset Recovery and Disposal

Luna Logistics was awarded a project from a leading IT provider following an RFQ for the secure collection, transportation and decommissioning of legacy assets across their Banking client’s major high street branches.

Luna provided the following services to complete the project on time and within budget.

A three person team “Operations Director led by a Scheduling manager and Contracts manager” worked closely with the client from the very start to fully understand the clients detailed requirements to cover:

Scheduling, surveys with RAM’s, collections and decommissioning and we are proud of our record of meeting the agreed SLA within the budget set by our Customer.

  1. To achieve this Luna set up a dedicated team under the supervision of the Operations manager
  2. Daily stand up meetings occurred to go through the previous day’s activities and review the daily objectives, taking into account any issues highlighted from the previous day.
  3. Ad-hoc and weekly conference calls with the customer were overseen by the Operations Director

Scheduling: To optimise resources allowing cost effective processes against minimum costs with detailed planning of vehicles and crews.

Site Surveys – To identify via our IT systems, assets and provide accurate recorded details at the number of branches when required and where quantities may be known or unknown. Site surveys also included access and parking arrangements if required. Risk and method statements were provided for all sites.

Collections on site collations – Luna provided PES cleared staff to support the total rollout. Each carried a work passport identifying them in line with the banks security protocol. Luna provided the tote boxes and uniquely numbered seals that were managed by the administration team at Luna HQ.

In line with the agreed schedule the crew arrived at each site and the team leader introduced themselves and crew members to the site contact. They then walked the route with their team and went through the process as each site is different.

Each asset was scanned, labelled and wrapped for safe transportation before placing into the tote box. The scanned data was downloaded on a live basis directly onto the client’s database and Luna’s own computer system. The tote boxes were sealed with 2 x uniquely numbered seals allocated by the admin team to individual sites and these numbers were recorded and photographed and sent to the client before leaving site.

The tote boxes were palletised and loaded into specialist box vehicles with load locks to safely transport the goods. The vehicles dedicated to the sites in the schedule returned directly to the receiving depot to ensure no cross docking for full and complete security. All vehicles were also GPS tracked.

Once received at our decommissioning facility the tote boxes were unloaded and checked individually by 2 x receiving warehouse operatives. The seals were checked and numbers crossed referenced and photograph’s of the intact seals were taken and sent to the client.

Each tote box was placed into a securely locked cage area to await decommissioning.

Decommissioning – The client required a comprehensive asset disposal service in accordance with data protection and environmental laws, whilst complying with industry security standards. All employees were full time, PES cleared trained operatives.

All equipment was booked in and stowed within a secure location. Daily call offs were made into the securely-caged IT data area within the Luna warehouse. Equipment was sorted, processed and prepared in line with the client requests. Detailed recording of equipment included:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Serial Number
  • Asset Tags
  • Status
  • Specification
  • Residual Values provided against End Of Life IT equipment


Applicable equipment was subject to data destruction to UK Government CESG standards. Certificate of Destruction/Recycling and a Goods-In Report were issued on completion. All IT disposal services were WEEE Compliant and in accordance with all relevant current UK and European legislation.




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